ShutUp and Squat 🏋️ ️

The squat is the number one movement, to achieve a good physical redeeming in general, used for power phases, hypertrophy, resistance etc, in disciplines such as powerlifting, bodybuilding, weightlifting, to increase the vertical jump, for many other disciplines in general.

Even as a natural viagra, because of the stress it generates, it produces an increase in testosterone, which is an anobolic hormone, present in greater quantities in men than women.

The squat focuses on various areas of the body such as the entire quadriceps.


shoulders, buttocks, abdominals, erector muscles (to maintain verticality after lowering), part of abductors, this depending on the amplitude of the feet, also the lumbar area after lowering to 90°, if the athlete does not take precaution with strict movements controlled lumbar compression back-compression can injure the vertebra L5/S1 is the last of our column, If the compression is very extreme, it may require decompression by surgery, there are different versions that give more or less lumbar compression, but still its effectiveness is quite good compared to the full squat some as:

  • Jefferson Squat

  • Squat with belt on machine

  • Dumbbell Squat

  • Dumbbell Dips

Injury that my trainer Mahmoud al durrah had


espondilolisis espondilolistesis

He underwent decompression surgery uffff.

Lumbar decompression techniques are very useful as antigravity boots, inversion tables, relieving the area a lot, with the boots you feel it immediately.


But honestly the inversion table option is much more comfortable, and no hanging bars are needed.


The squat is quite a high stress on the central nervous system, and even more so when the repetitions are to failure, periodizations are very important to better manage these cases to increase progress as effectively as possible, in turn reducing the risk of injury.

In the squat phase where all the muscles are tensed aka concentric phase in this case while lifting the weight or against gravity blood pressure can rise drastically and quickly, more than 5 points easily, being dangerous for the capillaries of the brain, for example, people with high hematocrit, hypertension, any renal problem.

Genetic Factor

In a seminar of Roberto Castellano WABBA pro, there was an athlete in the talk who said that his hematocrit was very high, he donated blood weekly, a person of more than 100kg with a low fat percentage (Body Fat), he also said that it was genetic by a study he did, he should be careful with the heavy squat, very interesting no?

Seminar in Donostia - San Sebastian.


In many cases, perhaps less complex than that, these things the athlete can manage with a constant medical inspection of profiles (hormonal, hepatic, renal, blood, daily resting blood pressure), a correct and balanced diet with all macronutrients, micronutrient, also high in essential fatty acids such as Omega(3-6-9), Krill Oil, flax, olive, avocado, peanut (Mani) very important not only for physical performance disciplines, but for daily life, to reduce bad, LDL cholesterol, triglycerides, to increase muscle recovery process, fats are very complex molecules, more than proteins and carbohydrates.

Certain types of statins both pharmaceutical and natural (Coenzyme Q10, Red rice yeast, arjuna, black garlic extract) can help a lot, as my grandmother’s cardiologist once told me, the only thing that is scientifically proven to reduce bad LDL (Low density protein) cholesterol is cardiovascular exercise.

Bad cholesterol and that imbalance between LDL/HDL (good cholesterol) can produce a high number of side effects.

Even I myself am now a user of grapefruit extract, in my country, we call it graifru or grapefruit, since it has properties to adjust the lipid profile, hematocrit etc, not bad, it is used by adding drops in water very easy.


Here is a basic example of a squat with bandage at almost 90°, hypertrophy range about 7 reps, 140kg.

Many believe that the heavy squat annihilates you completely and should not be done because over the years you end up 100% bad, which is false, incidentally due to laziness and fear of training hard or bad advice, thinking that when they make weight is thanks to the consumption of EAAS anabolic androgenic steroids 💊💉 FALSE, without imagining that a good mentality, proper nutrition, rest, constancy and real cojones really Hispanic 🤣 is the line that separates a novice from a champion.

Tendinitis ?

Cases such as patellar tendonitis, quite uncomfortable, this type of injury, in some cases, can be treated in different ways, such as with:

  • Glucosamina - condroitina - MSM (MetilsulfonilMetano)

  • Péptidos como MK-677, BCP 157

Yes, super athletes exist

People like Larry Wheels and countless bodybuilders, powerlifters and powerlifters who lift a lot.

Tom Platz

Tom is a bodybuilder who comes from the golden age of bodybuilding, and had a quite remarkable leg development for that time, today for the age he is, he is still training and doing squats.


Larry Wheels

One 400kg repetition and he’s still going strong.

It must be emphasized that a powerlifter always trains for strength, he does not go through as many definition stages as a bodybuilder, both types of athletes have different objectives, one for strength, the other for muscle growth, although there are cases where certain powerlifters have done definition stages to improve their health, even to sleep better.

Eddie Hall

Strongman Eddie Hall himself the first man with a 500kg deadlift performed in July 2016, this one also reduced his fat percentage.


In bodybuilding the magic is to reduce the fat percentage with different methods to present on stage as defined as possible, including adjusting the consumption of carbs, coupled with that cardio, repetitions where the range of hypertrophy is left aside, power, ie pumping, training a little lighter, to reduce the risk of injury near the competition stage, although many high-level pro athletes vary a lot the ranges, Ronnie Coleman near a competition, trained very heavy, according to this for hormonal processes, such as an increase in growth hormone HGH, helping to define a little and keep as much muscle as possible.

Big Ron

If we look up the history of Ronnie Coleman, who currently has about 9 lower back surgeries, that’s not why the squat is bad, another thing that the bodybuilding king pushed his body to the limit is another matter entirely, he says himself, that the only thing he regrets in his life is not getting more than 2 reps with 800 pounds here:

As he also commented that when he was injured it was with a weight that he controlled himself, from my point of view injuries are an enigma, many of them can be prevented, but others come without warning.