PoC Email Sender with Springboot and Vaadin 8.5.2 Oct 30, 2018

Modify the application.properties with user and password, this email must have enabled the smtp server, we will use gmail in this example

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Customize bashrc plus PATH environment variables Oct 10, 2018

To edit the username in the linux console, add executables to the environment variable, we can go to the .bashrc file which is in the /home/username directory and add the following in the shell

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Buffer io error on device Jan 12, 2018

My western digital caviar black 1tb hdd, I think it was dying, it was giving me errors by console when entering a command, it hung suddenly when some applications accessed it, well the change of the sata port seems to be the current solution XD…

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Solution to leyer`s @Lycrackme Dec 13, 2017


The ByteBuddy api can give us a different solution.

Well gentlemen that talc testing bored I found this crackME of Leyer is about 10 years old hahahaha first time I peek into this issue crackMEs, before just used them and ready without much passion, but really let’s say, I was a little bored, so vacilen.

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Arduino IDE error avrdude Nov 11, 2015

I realize that in Ubuntu 14.04 and when I want to compile in the arduino sketch I get this little error

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Unbrick Tplink tl-wr1043nd with Arduino UNO May 10, 2013 Well, one ordinary day I’m about to update the firmware of my tplink like other times, but always, there is one of those times to remember. there is one of those times, that are to remember, and those that make us from thinking to change our perspective a little bit. Of that of which we know, (That we know nothing), this was my first contact with tin and soldering iron, basic inspiration for the the very large world of electronics. ... ➦